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Can a parent and a teacher share the job of raising a child?

In this week’s Torah reading, our rabbis teach us a very beautiful and important message. When we read Chapter 3 verse 1 in Parshat Bamidbar, it seems like we’re about to be told about the “generations”/children of Aaron and Moses. But then, as we continue to read, we learn only about Aaron’s sons. What happened to the list of Moses’ children?

What do you think the Torah means by introducing “Moses’ children” and then only listing Aaron’s?

Rashi quotes the midrash which tells us that this teaches us that Aaron’s sons WERE considered Moses’ sons. In what way? Moses taught them torah, and anyone who teaches someone Torah “it’s as if he gave birth to him.”

Discuss why you think the Rabbis equate a biological son with a student? How is having a child like teaching someone Torah?

What teachers have you had that have helped define you? In what ways?