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Imagine this: The Jewish people have just crossed the Red Sea and they’re singing with Moshe, as is recorded in this week’s Torah reading (Chapter 15). Then Miriam takes an instrument and begins to sing too. And all the women follow her and take their instruments and sing with her.

What seems odd about this scene as described in Chapter 15, verses 20-21?

How did the woman all have instruments? As they were fleeing Egypt – with no time to let their bread rise – they grabbed drums and tambourines??

The answer is – clearly, as we see here – yes!

Why? Can you imagine/guess why they did that? All of them??

The Rabbis in a midrash, quoted by Rashi, teach us that from here we see the kind of faith and righteousness the women in the Jewish nation had. They always believed something great was going to happen! They just knew they would have something to sing about! What strong and unwavering belief in God!

When was the last time Miriam was talked about in the Torah?

She watched Moshe in the river in his little basket and ran to get a woman to nurse him (unbeknownst to Pharoh’s daughter, it was Moshe’s own Jewish mother!)

What kind of qualities did Miriam possess? What a great person – believing everything is going to be ok, but when given a chance – does her part. Then when it’s all is over – recognizes God’s part.
Know anyone like that? Which women that you know would have been right there behind Miriam? Why do you think that? What have they done (or what do they do) that makes you say that?


Bracha Krohn is a mom of three living in Israel. She teaches children, teenagers and adults in schools, Batei Midrash and summer camp. “Table Talk” and “Personal Parsha” are based on the ideas she and her husband, also a Torah educator, discuss with their children around their weekly Shabbat table.