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In this week’s Torah reading, we begin by hearing about Yitro, Moshe’s father-in-law. The Torah tells us that he heard everything Hashem did for Moshe and His nation…

So what? We hear amazing things all the time, right?

But what followed next is what makes Yitro a role model: he took Moshe’s family and came to be with Moshe and see first-hand this amazing nation and witness the effects of the relationship with this Almighty God. He traveled through the desert to shake hands with Moshe and live among the Jews for a while.

What kind of news might YOU hear that makes you want to come closer to God and get to know His people more intimately? Would you travel across a desert to be inspired and see greatness up close and personal?

And what makes it all the more impressive is that Yitro was a Midianite priest! But yet, he was always open to seeing things a new way, and he was always open to learning more and changing. Are you?

What have you seen/heard this week that makes you think differently about God or your relationship with Him? What kind of changes are you making? How would Yitro react?


Bracha Krohn is a mom of three living in Israel. She teaches children, teenagers and adults in schools, Batei Midrash and summer camp. “Table Talk” and “Personal Parsha” are based on the ideas she and her husband, also a Torah educator, discuss with their children around their weekly Shabbat table.