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It’s that time of year. Time to show appreciation to the educators in your life. Here are ten ideas from creative to unique to say thanks.

  1. Gift Cards. This consistently tops the list of what teachers most appreciate receiving. These days you can find gift cards for pretty much everything. Book store? Great cup of coffee? Local ice cream shop? This is an easy and sweet way to say thanks.
  2. School supplies. I am a sucker for anything that fits in a pencil case. Fill up a mug with your favorite school supplies (Sharpees! New Pencils!) and hand it over.
  3. Spa. Massage. Mani. Pedi. Enough said.
  4. Teacher’s Survival Kit.  Some purell? A water bottle? Toss in a few school supplies and some healthy snacks and you’re setting your teacher up for success next year!
  5. Summer Relaxation. A Gift card to Barnes and Nobles along with some sun tan lotion. Tuck it into a beach bag – add a towel and your favorite teacher is heading into a relaxing summer!
  6. Personalized Water Bottles. Help keep your favorite teacher hydrated and healthy.
  7. A Plant. Perhaps a little cheesy but tack on a note that says, “Thanks for helping me grow” and your plant just became adorable.
  8. Final Day of School Breakfast. A coffee, some granola, maybe even a bagel in a nice basket. Say thanks for a successful year with a healthy morning breakfast.
  9. Homemade Anything. A thank you card made by your child along with some homemade cookies warms your heart and your belly.
  10. A Personal Note. Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note. A good cup of coffee will come and go, but a true heartfelt thank you can be saved forever. So for that favorite teacher, the one that made your kid feel like a million bucks, a true thank you can make his or her day.