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This delicious snack will help get your kids ready to celebrate a sweet New Year!


4 apples, cored and cubed

Caramel Sauce (store bought!)

*** Interested in making your own caramel sauce? See the recipe below.


1. Heat the caramel in the microwave. Pour it into a bowl (to be super fancy: set up a fondue set with caramel in the pot!). Give it a few minutes to cool down.

2. Add toothpicks to the apples and dip into the caramel.


Caramel Sauce

1 1/2 c sugar

1 1/4 c heavy cream

1/2 c water

2 tsp light corn syrup

1 tsp vanilla

pinch of salt



1. In one pot, bring the cream to a boil. Take it off the flame, add the vanilla and salt. Set aside.

2. In another pot, stir together sugar, water and corn syrup. Bring it to a boil over a medium heat. Continue cooking until the mixture is a deep amber. Keep a close eye on it so that it doesn’t burn. It should take 12 minutes.

3. Turn off the heat. Add the cream. Mix well. Let it settle and cool before serving.