Menu Madness: VaYakhel

It’s a Cholent Throwdown!

TableTalk: VaYakhel


How far does the apple fall from the tree? This Shabbat we’re taking a look at our grandparents.

Personal Parsha: Pekudei. Moshe

The tabernacle, mishkan, was worked on for a few months and dedicated on the first of Nissan. The last parsha in Shmot is read this Shabbat, and in it this big project is described – vessel by vessel.

Coloring Page for Parshat Pekudei (click on picture to print)

pekudei_Artboard 59

Coloring Page for Parshat VaYakhel (click on picture to print)

vayakhel_Artboard 58

Coloring Page for Parshat Ki Tisa (click on picture to print)

ki tisa_Artboard 57

Coloring Page for Parshat Tetzaveh (click on picture to print)

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Coloring Page Parshat Terumah (click on picture to print)

devora parashot 3_Artboard 55

Menu Madness: Terumah

Feeling Cruv-y

Torah Treats: Terumah

This week’s parsha gives some pretty specific guidelines on how to build the ark that the Children of Israel had carried in the desert: wood, golden rings and golden poles as handles. We’ve made our own version for this week’s Torah treat!