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So much of what I make is “family friendly.” Rarely do I make something just to indulge myself. Enter this diet strawberry smoothie. It’s made with frozen strawberries (so you never have to worry if they are in season), fresca, sugar-free jello powder and ice.  When my kids see me break out the blender and the ingredients for this guilt-free treat, they know that it’s “Eemee time”, because of all of my special treats, this is one that I won’t share with them.


5 ice cubes
1 12 Oz can of Fresca (or you can use a diet lemon/lime soda)
1 c frozen strawberries (about 8-9 — feel free to add more if you prefer)
1 tsp sugar free jello powder (any flavor you prefer)


1. Toss all of the ingredients into a blender.

2. Turn it on until the ingredients are smooth.

3. Pour into 2 glasses.

4. Kick back with a friend, relax and enjoy!