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I make no secret of the fact that I’m always a little fearful of the challot that my pre-school kids bring home. You can never be sure what is on those cute little fingers as they’re making their “special” challah. (That is not to say that I don’t trust preschool teachers. I have tremendous faith in them, I just remain mildly suspicious of the little people!) Yet, each week we make a HUGE deal of all projects that are brought to our Shabbat table.

Ages 3-6.

These mini-Challah boards showcase each child’s challot. It’s just a great way to make your kid feel special.


Small circular mirror (these are made of very thin reflective material. The closest I found to what I used is on Amazon, but I think you can find cheap mirrored surfaces at most craft stores)

Embellishments (use whatever your kids love. My son loves dinosaurs and I found these cute wooden dinosaurs at my craft store.)

White Glue
Sharpie Markers


1. Pick out your embellishment of choice. Either glue or stick it (if you are using stickers) on to the mirror’s edge, leaving the center empty.
2. Have your child add his or her name and any other decorations on the Challah Board.
3. Place the mini-Challah Board in the center of the table with the beautiful Challah each and every Shabbat!