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Imagine Queen Esther holding court in her flowing royal purple robes, a golden crown sitting atop her head. Now you know the inspiration behind our own Queen Esther cocktail!


3 oz grape juice
1 oz vodka
martini shaker

1 c lemon heads, puréed in a food processor


1. Fill a bowl with water. Dip the rim of your glass (martini, margarita or wine glass) so that the edges are wet. Sprinkle pureed lemon head crumbs along the side so the glass is well coated.

2. Combine juice, vodka and ice in your martini shaker. Shake it up and strain it and pour it into prepared glass.

3. Sit back and drink it like you are royalty!

Yield — one cocktail (though the puréed lemon heads should be enough for 6 glasses.

Variation: Replace the vodka with sprite for a child-friendly version of this drink!