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Esav and Yaakov are prominently featured in this week’s Torah portion. Upon returning from his hunting grounds, Esav, who is completely famished, storms into his home and demands from Yaakov the “red, red stew” that Yaakov is cooking. Yaakov agrees on condition that Esav exchanges the red stew for his birthright. And so Esav sells his birthright to Yaakov for a bowl of red stew.

Our version of Esav’s red stew: (and a great dessert of Shabbat party treat)

Cherry jelly beans
“Swedish” (red gummy) Fish
Cinnamon candies
Optional: licorice (nibs, laces, etc.) or any other red candy

Combine in a bowl and serve. Your kids, like the starving Esav, will want more – and will do anything (homework, take out the trash, clean out their room, etc.) to get it!