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In this week’s Torah reading, stones are prominently featured.

Yaakov leaves Beer Sheba to go to Haran. As the sun sets, he finds a place to rest. In lieu of a pillow, Yaakov collects some of the stones nearby and places them under his head. After a night of dreams, Yaakov wakes and continues to travel to the “land of the people of the East.” It is during that part of his journey, that Yaakov encounters a well. There are flocks of sheep that are laying near the well. However, no one can get to the water of the well because of the huge rock that is covering the opening of the well. It is Yaakov who removes the rock from the well enabling the sheep to drink.

Our version of the rock filled pillow and the well covered by the rock are great to serve for Shabbat dessert of at a Shabbat party.

For the rock filled pillow, all you need is a handful of chocolate rocks and piece of tulle or a small gauze bag. Want a healthier version of chocolate rocks? Try filling “Yaakov’s pillowcase” with a nuts and raisin mix!

Make the well out of Rice Krispie treats. Divide the mixture into 12, using a muffin tin. Indent the center of each “well” with your thumb and fill with chocolate rocks!

Your kids will feel like they’re following in Yaakov’s footsteps!