Happy Honey Jars

This year we are putting individual honey jars on our Rosh HaShana table. The kids are excited to decorate their own small honey jars, and there is something to do for every age from 2-10. So get creative with your honey!

Candy Torah Scrolls

Looking for a way to keep your “little hands” busy before Simchat Torah or Shabbat? Ask your kids to make these “Torah Scrolls.” The “covers” can be decorated with sparkles or stickers. Better yet, your kids can turn these Torah treats into place-card holders – ask them to write each guest’s name on the outside, and maybe a sweet message on the inside.

The Bee’s Knees Honey Pot

This simple craft will have your Rosh HaShana table all abuzz. A fast craft using Fimo or play dough turns an ordinary honey jar into something bee-utiful.

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Yom HaAtzmaut Planters

Israel’s Independence Day falls out just as the weather turns warm. Celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut with a patriotic planter!

Look What We Found From Egypt!

A creative way to retell the story of leaving Egypt! (or a really cool way to hide fun prizes!)

The Huge Pesach Sticker Find!

I’m loving this activity! Special thanks to Ilana Rosenbach Talitian who tossed this great idea my way! This enormous sticker board serves as a great Seder night activity!

Q-tip Tree

It’s all about crafts that are easy and that have the potential to be beautiful but also have the ability to keep your 5 year-old amused.

Zot HaBracha Coloring Page (click on picture to print)


Sukkot-themed Trivot

As with most crafts, it’s really all about what’s available in your crafts’ store. Luckily, Sukkot falls out near Thanksgiving so most stores are carrying fall-themed products. For this trivet, a little creative thinking can help!

Apple Stamps

A craft that appeals to parents and children alike. (Spoiler alert: wine may be involved)