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Apple Cobbler

The debate rages on: Is apple cobbler a side dish or a dessert? I grew up in a home where sweet dishes were strictly for dessert. If you’re saving this apple cobbler for the end of your meal, consider serving it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But why not serve it as a side dish? Either way, this apple cobbler is the perfect complement to your Rosh HaShana meal.

Torn Paper Apples

Different types of papers can teach about textures on this Rosh HaShana apple.

Happy Honey Jars

This year we are putting individual honey jars on our Rosh HaShana table. The kids are excited to decorate their own small honey jars, and there is something to do for every age from 2-10. So get creative with your honey!

Join us today!

Working along with our friends at the Orthodox Union and Parenting Simply, we’re proud to offer our latest summer webinar. Sign up for free!

WEEK 4: The Final Countdown to a Panic Free Pesach – A Checklist

Elana Kleinman, of EKOrganizing, offers her final words of wisdom leading into Pesach.

WEEK 3: The Pre-Pesach No Panic Plan.

As we inch closer to Pesach, Elana from ekorganizing.com is back to get us to the finish line.

Another Pesach Giveaway: A Pesach Bib!

I’m loving this giveaway season. Thanks to Gifts by Gita, we’re giving away one very adorable bib!

Pesach Word Cloud

This is one of the easiest ways to make a great Pesach Seder handout with your kids!

Chevruta Study at Seder

With so many different ages at the Seder, how do you focus on your kids?

Pesach Theme: Egypt

Our family Seder usually has a theme. One year we focused on Mitzrayim. Our crafts and activities all revolved around life in Egypt. Here are some of the highlights: