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Our family Seder usually has a theme. One year we focused on Mitzrayim. Our crafts and activities all revolved around life in Egypt. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Using a cardboard suitcase“found” in Mitzrayim, retell the Pesach story using artifacts we found inside. You can also use the suitcase to keep prizes available for kids asking great questions or offering their insight into the story.
  • Tell part of the story of Yitziyat Mitzrayim in hieroglyphics and offer your children a decoder to help tell the story of leaving Egypt.
  • Mosaic Egyptian Pyramid Trivets. These are easy to make and give kids such a sense of pride when used at the Seder table.
  • Hieroglyphic Place Cards. Whether you write your guests names in hieroglyphics or help them decode their name, this is a fun way to add some Ancient Egypt to your table.
  • Origami Pyramids. This comes with a helpful video tutorial but it’s a great addition to your Seder table decor AND keeps your kids busy. Win/Win.
  • Dress Up. It isn’t hard to dress up as Egyptians (fashion wasn’t as complicated back then!). Have your younger kids dress the part. You can easily order on-line or improvise.
  • Photo album of your “trip” to Mitrayim. Thanks to the lovely internet, there are tons of pictures that are easy to print out and put in a scrapbook. Have one of your kids present the album at Seder.
  • What would it feel like? For older kids, suggest a creative writing piece where they explore what it must have felt like to be a slave in Egypt. Have them share their writing at the table.