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Menu Madness: Noah

For this year, our Shabbat lunch will be a nod to the glorious variety of living creatures that Noah rounded up to fill his ark and preserve for eternity (well, sort of).

TEN: Noah

This week’s Torah reading has a little bit of everything: we’ve got floods and families, animals and rainbows, we’ve got towers and destruction. Enjoy one of the most exciting Parshot.

Maze Magic: Noah


God makes a rainbow as a sign that there will be no more floods that destroy earth. Help Noah and his ark find the rainbow! Click the PDF icon below to download a printer-friendly version.

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Wonderful Word Search: Toldot

Yitzchak marries Rivka and together they begin a family with twins — Esav and Yaakov. One brother spends his time out in the field and the other sitting in his tent. A plan is hatched by Rivka to make sure Yaakov receives his father’s first blessing though he is the younger child.

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Wonderful Word Search: VaYeishev

This week Yosef takes center stage. He begins as a young boy in Canaan sharing his dreams with his brothers. He is sold into slavery and ends up in Egypt. He is thrown into prison and meets a baker and a cupbearer who have dreams who need to be interpreted.

Wonderful Word Search: Miketz

This week’s Parsha sees Yosef rise to power. From a prisoner in Egypt to the second in command, Yosef’s skill as a interpreter of dreams helps him impress Pharoah. When a famine does hit the land, Egypt is prepared. Yosef recognizes his brothers as they come from Canaan to ask for food, but he isn’t ready for a family reunion yet.

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Wonderful Word Search: VaYigash

When Yaakov hears that Yosef is alive, he brings his entire family – children and grandchildren – down to Egypt to reunite with Yosef and wait out the famine. As shepherds, they require land for the cattle. Pharoah grants them the land and Jacob and his family settle there.