Torah Treats: Toldot

Esav and Yaakov are prominently featured in this week’s Torah portion. Upon returning from his hunting grounds, Esav, who is completely famished, storms into his home and demands from Yaakov the “red, red stew” that Yaakov is cooking. Yaakov agrees on condition that Esav exchanges the red stew for his birthright. And so Esav sells his birthright to Yaakov for a bowl of red stew.

TableTalk: Toldot

Today we take a step back to look at the bigger picture.

TEN: Toldot

This week’s Torah reading introduces us to betrayal, between brothers, between husband and wife and between father and son.

Coloring Page for Parshat Chayei Sarah (click on picture to print)

devora Chaeyei sarah_Artboard 39

Ten Questions: Chayei Sarah

It’s another busy week for Abraham and his family. Both Sarah and Abraham die at ripe old ages. Isaac takes a wife and finds love.

TableTalk: Chayei Sarah

Abraham shows us what is truly important in this week’s TableTalk.

Maze Magic: Chayei Sarah


Parshat Chayei Sarah begins with the death of Sarah and ends with death of Abraham. In between, Abraham buys the Cave of the Patriarchs and sends his servant on a journey back to Charan to find a bride for Isaac.

Parsha Craft: Chayei Sarah

In this week’s parsha, Parshat Chayei Sarah, Abraham’s servant finds a wife for Isaac at the typical Biblical pick-up spot, the water well. Rebecca is chosen because of the kindness and generosity she displays in offering water to the servant and his camels.

Coloring Page for Parshat VaYera (click on picture to print)

devora vayera_Artboard 38

Parsha Craft: VaYera. Welcome Mat

In the beginning of this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Vayera, three men (aka angels) appear at Abraham’s tent. Abraham immediately runs to greet them, bow to them, and feed them.