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Parsha Craft: Ki Teitzei. No-Bake Bird’s Nest Cookies


In this week’s parsha, Parsha Ki Tetze, there are over 70 mitzvot listed! One of the most interesting of the mitzvoth is referred to in Hebrew as “Shiluah Haken,” meaning “sending away the mother bird.” The text is as follows:

Parsha Craft: Matot. Cotton Ball Sheep

In this week’s parsha, Parshat Matot, we learn that the tribes of Reuven and Gad owned large flocks of sheep. They requested permission from Moshe to settle on the east bank of the Jordan River so that they would have more land for grazing. Initially, Moshe is angered by this request but they assure him that they would first help settle the Land of Israel before they returned east.

Parsha Craft: Korach. Aharon’s Budding Staff.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Korach, God commands each tribe to provide a rod and only the tribe chosen to become the priests would miraculously sprout overnight. Only Aaron’s rod, representing the tribe of Levi, “put forth buds, produced blossoms, and bore ripe almonds.” (Bamidbar 17:8). Before starting this craft, you can look at photographs of an almond tree and/or of the flower that has become known as “Aaron’s rod.” You can also discuss where else in the Torah staffs perform miraculous deeds (examples: splitting the red sea, turning into snakes).

Parsha Craft: Haazinu. Israel Diorama

 In the second to last Parsha of the Chumash, Moshe looks at what he cannot have.

At the end of this week’s Parsha, Parshat Haazinu, Moshe is permitted to view the Land of Israel from a distance, since he will die before the Israelites enter:

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Parsha Craft: Netzavim Vayelech. Mini Sefer Torah

Parshat Vayelech contains the last two commandments found in the Torah and they both relate to the Torah itself. The first is the mitzvah to gather the people together for a special reading of the Torah every seven years (Deuteronomy 31:10-13) and the second is the mitzvah for every person to write a Sefer Torah (Deuteronomy 31:19). Kids will love making their very own mini Sefer Torah!

Parsha Craft: Kedoshim. Friendship Bracelets.

One of the most famous commandments comes out of this week’s Torah reading: loving your neighbor as you do yourself. It may not be easy to always love everyone around you, but God seems to think that we can do it. This week we’re making friendship bracelets to embrace the idea of celebrating love and friendship.

Parsha Craft: Shelach. Israel Map Mosaic

In this week’s parsha, twelve spies go to investigate the Land of Israel (Canaan). Some of the riches of the Land are described in this week’s Parsha, including the famous expression that it is a “land flowing with milk and honey.” In this craft, kids will learn to recognize the basic map of Israel and will enjoy decorating the map using dried food products.

Parsha Craft: Balak. Donkey Paper Bag Puppet

In this week’s parsha, Parshat Balak, we meet the second (and final) talking animal in the Torah (the first being the snake in Eden). The Moabite prophet Balaam is sent to curse the Israelites and his donkey sees an angel in their path. When the donkey stops, Balaam strikes him. God opens the mouth of the donkey and he complains to Balaam about his maltreatment. Finally, Balaam’s eyes are opened to see the angel.

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Parsha Craft: Noah. Napkin Rings.

Do you want to celebrate the rainbow without adding too many artificial colors to your food? Look through your basket of old ribbons and notions — I found a spool of rainbow covered ribbon and afixed it to some old napkin rings. Or, consider using a different color ribbon as a napkin ring for each napkin — make your whole Shabbat table look like a rainbow!

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