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Got a little bit of extra time? ChallahCrumbs is taking your family to Sunday school. This week we’re talking about our responsibility to take care of the Earth. Why is it our job to take care of the world and how can we do it best?


Set up a mini-study session with our three sources and the guided questions.

The heavens belong to the Lord, and the earth He has given to the children of Adam. (Psalms 115:16)

·         How does God ‘own’ the heavens?

·         What do you think it means that “man in charge of the earth”?

·         What sort of responsibilities do you think man has on earth?

And the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden, to work it [l’ovdah] and to guard it [l’shomra]. (Genesis 2:15)

·         What do you think the difference between guarding and working the land?

·         How can we guard the land? Work the land?

Look at My works! How beautiful and praiseworthy they are. Everything that I have created, I created for you. Take care not to damage and destroy My world, for if you damage it, there is no one to repair it after you. (Ecclesiastes Rabbah, 7:28)

·         Have you ever taken a walk outside to enjoy nature?

·         Are there works of God outside of nature?

·         For whom do we take care of the world?

·         What do you think will happen if we don’t take care of the world?


People have a very important job – to take care of the world. Can you think of different ways that we can accomplish this task? What are some things that you already do? What are some ways that you would like to try? What are some things that you really DON’T want to do? (Remember, last week we talked about the idea that we don’t have to do everything, we just have to try to do something!)



Make an Eggshell Planter!


  • 1 egg, uncooked
  • Soil
  • Grass seeds
  • Markers
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Spoon


1.    Carefully crack the egg near the top and empty the egg into a bowl.

2.    Rinse out the eggshell.

3.    Use a spoon to fill the eggshell with soil.

4.    Plant the grass seeds in the top layer of soil.

5.    Draw a face on the front of the eggshell

6.    Water the grass seeds and watch the lovely green hair grow!


Rivky Schramm Krestt has taught in Hebrew Schools, Community Schools, and Day Schools. She loves finding a way to take the words of a text and make them tangible, relatable, and relevant. She is the Chair of Judaics at the Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband and three children.