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Test your Israel knowledge with our Israel Edition TEN!

1. What year was the State of Israel founded?

2. What birthday is Israel celebrating this year?

3. Who was the first Prime Minister of Israel?
David Ben-Gurion.

4. Who was the first woman prime minister of Israel.
Golda Meir.

5. What is the capital of Israel?

6. What is the name of the sea to the west of Israel?
Mediterranean Sea.

7. How many Jews live in Israel today?
5.8 million Jews.

8. Who is the current Prime Minister of Israel?
Benjamin Netanyahu.

9. What vegetable was engineered and developed in Israel?
Cherry Tomatoes.

10. What are some of the coolest technologies to come out of Israel?

The first flash drive, Intel’s dual core chip (main chip in computers today), Instant Messaging (ICQ), PillCam (a camera you digest the size of a pill to record your digestive track for doctors).