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Rosh HaShana asks us to reflect back on our year. Most days I need to remind myself to brush my teeth so introspection falls somewhere below pairing up the 173 (note the odd number) socks sitting in their very own laundry basket in my laundry room. But as a good Jew, one with a strong sense of Jewish guilt, I decided to give a moment or two to look back on the year and reflect. Here’s what I’ve broken our year down to…

7000 pieces of Lego (rough estimation) built and unbuilt and rebuilt.
1200 miles worth of road trips.
1,021 pages of children’s books read.
225 coloring pages.
201 library books.
198 hours of homework.
129 hours of Phineas and Ferb.
97 pictures taken with Disney characters.
53 batches of cookies baked.
52 Havdala dances.
17 skinned knees.
15 parent/teacher conferences (not all picnics).
14 strep throats.
13 separate incidents of vomit.
11 birthday parties (my 5 year old needs a birthday party every 4-5 months).
8 asthma attacks.
7 homeruns.
5 trips to the zoo.
4 ear infections.
2 mostly awkward discussions about sex.
1 concussion.

I’m pleased to report that the number of kisses and snuggles were too many to be counted – at least it offset the meltdowns and tantrums of the year. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful, healthy and joyous New Year.