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May your year be full of crayons. And finger paints. And soccer played on Sunday afternoons on slightly damp fields.

May the chocolate chip cookies always be soft and slightly underbaked.

May your year be full of great moments where you smile that smile where your eyes crinkle up and your slightly vampire-like teeth show.

Find humor everywhere.

Find friends who are kind.

Drink water.

May you fall down from time to time. Only a little bit. Mostly so we can use Phineas and Ferb band aids, but also so that you know it’s okay to fall down.

May your dreams never cease to amaze me.

May you continue to embrace adventure. The crazier the better. May the pillows and blankets and couch cushions be constantly in use as forts, rafts and tents.

May you continue to love each other the way that siblings do – with messiness, love and no small amount of yelling.

Keep loving Lego. And reading books. And laughing your maniacal laugh.

Stay ticklish under your left shoulder blade.

May your dimples grow deeper from so big smiles.

May you grow to love your freckles and your curly hair.

Also, sometimes, things are hard. This is what we’ll say: that’s life. There’s good and there’s bad. But there is always us. Know that we will always have your back.

May this be a year where you still love to snuggle.