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Pesach Giveaway: Onesies!

Congratulations to Julie Blair winner of our onesie giveaway! Thanks to the The Maven and The Mensch for our newest giveaway!

Oven Fried Curried Tofu

 As evidenced by Megillat Esther, the Jewish people have a long history with India.  Here’s an easy and delicious Indian dish you can make to serve at your Purim (or any!) meal. Serve it alone, over rice, or atop a salad.

Non-Alcoholic Margarita Cupcakes

Nothing shouts Purim louder than these!

Surviving Purim

Purim is about a lot of things. It is about the story of Esther. It’s about celebrating the evil decree that never took place. We celebrate by listening to the Purim story, by giving food to our friends and family, by holding a great feast and by giving charity. Along with that, we have little children underfoot, dressed up to the nines, filling their bellies with sugar. Here’s our survival guide:

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Purim Gragger


Purim Giveaway!

In honor of Purim, we’ve partnered up with Dov Abramson studios in Israel to give away four copies of their newest Megillat Esther!

Tu B’Shvat Webinar

This Wednesday come join Adina Soclof of parenting and me at our latest webinar, Planting Seeds: Tu B’Shvat Lessons in Parenting. Our webinar is sponsored by the Orthodox Union (thanks!) and is free (hurray!) for those who sign up. 

Giveaway: Shira. My Design Sketchbook

We’ve partnered again with Yocheved Nadell, author of Shira: My Design Sketchbook and are giving away one copy of her latest sketchbook!

Torah Treats: VaYichi

In this week’s Torah reading, blessings abound. Yisrael (formerly known as Yaakov) blesses Ephraim and Menashe by laying his hands upon their heads. This week’s Torah Treats features a pair of candy adorned (well manicured might I add!) hands.

Parsha Craft: Vayichi. HaMalach Pillowcase.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat VaYichi, Jacob blesses his grandsons before he dies. Part of his blessing includes this passage: “The Angel who has redeemed me from all harm, bless the lads. In them may my name be recalled, and the names of my fathers, Abraham and Isaac, and may they become teeming multitudes upon the earth.”