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Apple-Shaped Cupcakes

Loved this idea for apple-shaped cupcakes from TipHero. 

This year in review

Rosh HaShana asks us to reflect back on our year. Most days I need to remind myself to brush my teeth so introspection falls somewhere below pairing up the 173 (note the odd number) socks sitting in their very own laundry basket in my laundry room. But as a good Jew, one with a strong sense of Jewish guilt, I decided to give a moment or two to look back on the year and reflect. Here’s what I’ve broken our year down to…

Apple Cobbler

The debate rages on: Is apple cobbler a side dish or a dessert? I grew up in a home where sweet dishes were strictly for dessert. If you’re saving this apple cobbler for the end of your meal, consider serving it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But why not serve it as a side dish? Either way, this apple cobbler is the perfect complement to your Rosh HaShana meal.

Torn Paper Apples

Different types of papers can teach about textures on this Rosh HaShana apple.

Happy Honey Jars

This year we are putting individual honey jars on our Rosh HaShana table. The kids are excited to decorate their own small honey jars, and there is something to do for every age from 2-10. So get creative with your honey!

Best Ever Honey Cake

The honey cake served at my childhood home was generally brick-like, left untouched by children, and gobbled up by the older generations. This cake is sweet, light and fluffy, with a delicious honey coating, and my kids gobbled a loaf of it in a single sitting. Wrapped tightly, it freezes very well.

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Sending your Kids off to Camp

There are two different anxieties at play when you pack your kid off to camp for the first time. One, your child’s anxieties about fitting in, making new friends, being homesick, having a good time. But those anxieties may pale in comparison to your own anxiety of being a parent and sending your kid off to fend for him or herself. (I would like to point out that there are many kids who may jump on the bus, offer a quick wave and return smiling a month later. Count those blessings!)

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