Maze Magic: Sukkot


Each day of Sukkot, we pick up a lulav and etrog and shake them, along with hadasim and aravot. We love to hear the branches make their noises and sway with each movement. We shake the lulav, etrog, hadasim and aravot in six directions: front, back, left, right, up and down. Help the Etrog find the lulav in this Sukkot maze.

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Warm Family Welcome

A family photo, some decorations and a few words are all it takes to welcome friends and family to your Sukkah! It’s the personal touch that makes this craft so adorable!

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Paper Flower Chain

My kids LOVE making paper chains for our Sukkah. This chain is also great for Tu B’Shvat.

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Balloon Mania!

This year we are LOVING balloon crafts! We are using balloons as our base to make all sorts of hanging Sukkah decorations!

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Awesome Paper Chains

Paper chains are a standard in every Sukkah. We’ve raised the bar a bit with these Magen David chains.

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Rainsticks for Younger Kids

The simplest way to make a rain stick will thrill and delight your kids with the sound of rain!

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Ktav Stam (Scribe’s Writing)

Cut and paste or try writing on your own!

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The Recycled Sun Catcher Sukkah Decoration

Any craft that engages my three young boys for more than ten minutes gets my automatic seal of approval! Using water bottles and a few supplies, create a sun catcher for your sukkah!

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Chocolate S’chach

There are a number of variants to this recipe. When I was little, my mother used chow mein noodles, and because they were curly, we called them chocolate spiders. But this finished product looks a lot more like branches – ergo, “chocolate s’chach.” If you like the combining sweet and salty flavors (plus crunchy and chewy), this dessert is bound to be a hit with adults and kids alike!

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Sukkah Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake?! These Sukkah cupcakes are easy to make. Use your favorite cake recipe to make cupcakes. My kids love this basic yellow cake recipe. They can make it almost entirely by themselves because most of the ingredients are pre-measured. These cupcakes are the perfect Sukkah project for big and little hands alike.