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With two parshot this week, we’re covering a lot of ground. This week we start getting ready to go into the land of Israel and get a picture of how to set up life once there.

1.       Who did Bnei Israel wage war against and WIN in this week portion?
Midian (31:3).

2.       Do only the people who fought the war get to keep the items they won?
No, they share the reward with the whole nation, as well as putting aside a portion for the Priests and Levites (31:25-30)

3.       What did the tribes of Reuven and Gad ask for?
They asked to stay and inherit land on the other side of the Jordan River since the land was much better for raising livestock (32:4-5)

4.       Why was Moshe opposed to their request?
Moshe thought it was unfair that the tribes of Reuven and Gad would stay behind and not help their brethren fight for the land of Israel. (32:6)

5. What compromise was reached?
The tribes of Reuven and Gad would cross the Jordan and fight for the land and only after it was conquered would they return to their families (32:25-27).

6.       What does Bnei Israel have to do once they win the land of Israel?
They must destroy all former forms of worship and they must expel all the old inhabitants. (33:52)

7.       Who are the two new leaders of Bnei Israel who will take ownership of the land?
Elazar the Preist and Yehoshua Ben Nun (34:17)

8.       Where are the cities for Levites?
They exist within all the other tribes’ portions (35:2)

9.       What happens if a person unintentionally kills another man?
He must run to one of the 6 designated cities of refuge (35:11-13)

10.   If two people from different tribes get married, whose tribe inheritance are they included in, their mother or father?
Their father’s (36:7).