9 Greatest Things to Become Kosher in the 21st Century

Our friends at have offered up the nine greatest things to have become kosher in the 21st century. Thanks Tzvi Levitin!

101 Reasons of Why Not: Queen Esther’s Lesson to Us All.

Queen Esther is all the rage these days. It’s not very often that we see a female protagonist as the main character in a Biblical story (think: Esther and Ruth) so it’s quite exciting to follow her trajectory from Jewish girl to Queen of Persia.

Streits: Matzo and the American Dream

Michael Levine, the director of Streits: Matzo and the American Dream, was always drawn to the idea of a project that had something to do with the Lower East Side. His father’s family had moved to Rivington Street in 1910 when they came from Russia, and Michael felt connected to the neighborhood.

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Truly Giving


So often this season is about consumption. It is mind-boggling to me the millions (billions!) of dollars that toy stores and popular toy brands must bring in each holiday season. I was so pleased to read this article about Lego who managed to find a discontinued set of Lego for a young boy who had saved up for 2 years to be able to afford the $100 set.

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A Prayer for My Kids

May your year be full of crayons. And finger paints. And soccer played on Sunday afternoons on slightly damp fields.

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Teachable Moments: Welcome to the Summer Games

As a parent, I’m always searching for teachable moments. An elderly person who needs to cross the street? No worries. I have just the ten year-old to help you out. Charity to be given? Great. It leads me into a great discussion with my eight year-old. Olympics? Yup. I can spin that too.

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The Shabbat Notebook

Some years ago, a young visitor brought us a gift. It was an empty notebook. His mother had sent it as a thank you for hosting her son for Shabbat. We’ve gotten our fair share of wine and flowers so I thought why not a notebook – that’s a bit different.

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My Love Letter to Marvel Comics

Dear Marvel,

I love you. And it’s not because of the Avengers although you did good there – that was a great movie. It is because you truly embody what being a superhero is about.

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RSVP Karma

With less than 30 days to my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, I’ve been watching an interesting phenomenon unfold – that of the RSVP. While we have had 4 brits for our 4 boys and a Simchat Bat when our daughter was born, this is our first “grown up” simcha. As a self-professed “Type A” personality, I have had a Bat Mitzvah notebook for months. It is full of list upon list of things to do. And, for the most part, I’ve been doing them. Caterer, invitations, music, photographer – all things that I can check off my list. And with the invitations out in the mail, I’ve been excited to start tracking those RSVPs. Only, there’s nothing to track because no one has RSVPed (well, that’s not entirely accurate, 5 people have. C’mon people!?!?).

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Remembering Ayelet

This is a blog I never wanted to write about a little girl I never even knew. Ayelet Galena passed away yesterday at age two. She had been ill for quite some time with a rare bone marrow illness. I know that because, like thousands and thousands of people, I followed her ups and downs on facebook and on her blog.

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