Main Dishes

//Main Dishes

Barbara’s Turkey

Making an actual turkey can be an overwhelming prospect to even the most seasoned cook. And making it right so that it doesn’t dry out is a challenge in and of itself. In our family home, my mother-in-law makes the turkey – and it is served to perfection every time. (I’m thrilled making the appetizer, sides and dessert. If I were ever going to write a Thanksgiving cookbook, it would be called “Everything But the Bird.”) My mother-in-law’s secret: she cooks the bird upside down. Brilliant!

Crock-Pot Beef Stew

There is nothing like coming home after a long day and finding dinner ready and waiting for you. I know lots of my friends use their crock-pots throughout the week (as opposed to just for Shabbat). I finally decided to try out a non-cholent recipe. Success!!!

Shepherd’s Pie

It’s no secret that I love all-in-one meals, and this meat and potato dish is the ultimate in comfort food. It’s so good, even your pickiest eater will love it.The son of a friend of mine (a picky eater himself!) recently told his mother that if she ever gets sick or has another baby, and others volunteer to cook for her, she should be sure to get me to make them this Shepherd’s Pie. Another happy customer!

Oven Barbecued Turkey

This homemade barbecue sauce has a sweet gentle heat, which lightly dances on your tongue and bakes into the turkey as it slowly roasts in the oven. If you want the heat to tap dance on your tongue, reduce the amount of V-8 and increase the chili-garlic sauce.

Fire Poppers

These sweet and spicy chicken nuggets are for grown-up palates. They are perfect for watching the game or for any boys’ night out! Just make sure to keep plenty of drinks around – and don’t worry about the sticky mess—these fire poppers are finger lickin’ good!

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

We’ve got some perfect finger food! Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? My kids could eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let them. They are so easy to make take just a few minutes to prepare.

Vegetable Moussaka

This meatless moussaka is a delicious vegetarian dish guaranteed to find a home at your dinner table.

Barbecue Meat Loaf

I was looking for a meat loaf with a slight kick. The sauce poured on top keeps the meat loaf moist. For a slight variant, you can divide the loaf into 6 mini loaves. Also, this recipe is easily doubled if you’re cooking for a larger crowd.

Apple Glazed Chicken

The picture of this dish doesn’t do it justice! The apple butter and the wine give the chicken a lastingly sweet taste — a great way to start the New Year. This apple butter chicken recipe takes almost no time to prepare. It tastes best when it is freshly made. Because you are using chicken thighs, this dish will retain its moist texture even when it is reheated. For even results, divide this recipe between 2 skillets rather than reusing a single pan. When I tested this recipe out on my husband and some friends, there wasn’t a morsel left!

Marinated Garlic Chicken

When we want to have a super relaxed Friday night, this is the chicken that I make. It’s delicious and easy and sets the tone for a laid back and tasty meal.