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There are tremendous highs and tremendous lows in this week’s Torah reading. From the birth of Yitzchak to his sacrifice, the destruction or Sodom and the banishment of Yishmael and Hagar, the action does not stop.

1.       How many men came to greet Avraham at his tent?

Three. (18:2)

2.       What did the first man tell Avraham?

That Sarah will give birth this time next year. (18:10)

3.       How many righteous men need to be in Sodom for God to save the city?

Ten. (18:32)

4.       What happens to Lot’s wife when she looks back at the city of Sodom?

She turns to a pillar of salt. (19:26)

5.       How old is Yitzchak when he is circumcised?

8 days old. (21:4)

6.       How old is Avraham when Yitzchak is born?

100 years old (21:5)

7.       What is Avraham’s reaction when Sarah tells him to banish Yishmael and Hagar?

Avraham is uncomfortable doing so until God tells him to listen to Sarah. (21:11-12)

8.       What does God command Avraham to do to his son, Yitzchak?

God asks Avraham to sacrifice his own son. (22:2)

9.       What is sacrificed in place of Yitzchak?

A ram. (22:13)

10.   Who is born at the end of the portion?

Rivka. (22:23)