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This week’s parsha refers to Jerusalem often though never mentions it by name!

1.    What is the blessing and the curse at the start of the Parsha?
A blessing to receive the commandments and a curse if they do not keep them. (11:26-28)

2.    Where are you allowed to eat the sacrifices brought for Hashem?

In the place God will decide. (12:18)

3.    What does Hashem call Bnei Israel in this Parsha?

A treasured people. (14:2)

4.    How do we know if an animal is Kosher?

He must have split hooves and chew his cud (14:6)

5.    How do you know if a fish is Kosher?

It has fins and scales. (14:9)

6.    If there is someone who is in need, are you required to help him? How?

Yes you must help him by giving him what he needs. (15:7-10)

7.    If you help the destitute man what happens to you?

God will bless you. (15:10)

8.    What are the three festivals that are mentioned at the end of the Parsha?

Passover, Shavuot, Succot (16:1-17)

9.    How long is Succot?

7 days. (16:13)

10.What must you bring to Hashem when you come for the three festivals?

You should bring according to what you can give. (16:17)