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Torah Treats: VaAyra. Staffs and Serpents

In this week’s Torah reading, Moshe and Aharon beseech Pharoah to free the Israelites from slavery and to let them leave Egypt.

Torah Treats: VaYichi

In this week’s Torah reading, blessings abound. Yisrael (formerly known as Yaakov) blesses Ephraim and Menashe by laying his hands upon their heads. This week’s Torah Treats features a pair of candy adorned (well manicured might I add!) hands.

Torah Treats: VaYetze

In this week’s Torah reading, stones are prominently featured.

Torah Treats: Pinchas

This week’s Torah reading mentions “bikkurim” — first fruits.

Torah Treats: Chukat

We’re recreating a famous Torah scene!

Torah Treats: Shmini

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Shmini, we are told which fish are acceptable to eat: only those with fins and scales.

Torah Treats: Terumah

This week’s parsha gives some pretty specific guidelines on how to build the ark that the Children of Israel had carried in the desert: wood, golden rings and golden poles as handles. We’ve made our own version for this week’s Torah treat!

Torah Treats: Mishpatim

This week’s Torah reading, Parshat Mishpatim is full of all kinds of laws and their consequences.

Torah Treats: Beshalach

This week’s Torah reading is full of drama with the Children of Israel finally leaving Egypt!

Torah Treats: Bo

In this week’s Torah portion, the Egyptians are afflicted with the plague of darkness.