Black Bean Soup

Our friend, Chaya Wolman Slain, over at My Kosher Healthy Kitchen offers up this great Vegetarain Black Bean Soup. Delicious, easy and healthy — a perfect combination!

Fabulous Summer Salad

The combination of fruits and vegetables makes this fresh summer salad a hit!

Savory Onion Potato Blintz Souffle

A delicious addition to a holiday meal!

Grilled Cheese & Vegetable Wraps

This wrap will make you rethink grilled cheese sandwiches forever!

Chocolate Cheese Cake

It’s the perfect storm of flavor: chocolate and cheesecake. This easy crowd-pleaser should be on everyone’s Shavuot menu plan.

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JADA’s Matzo Ball Soup

JADA shares their secret to a  perfect chicken Matzo Ball Soup.

Chummus and Meat

Here’s a great Chummus hack! Short on time? Transform store-bought chummus into a culinary masterpiece.

Chummus and Mushrooms

Add a little pizzazz to your chummus!

Skewered Vegetables. How To Perfectly Grill Your Veggies.

A comprehensive guide on how to grill your veggies.

Potatoes: Ten Different Ways

We’re at the halfway mark of this Passover holiday so it’s time to break out the potatoes! I find that as the week of Passover goes by, I need to get more and more creative in the kitchen. Here are ten different ways to prepare potatoes.