Matza Brei

It is pretty difficult to mess up matza brei. Literally “fried matza,” the ingredients really depend on your childhood memories.

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Bubbe’s Matza Balls

The secret to perfectly formed kneidlach: wet hands!

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Pesach Mandelbread

Try this mandelbread with a cup of coffee at the start of your day.

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Lemon Sorbet

A refreshing dessert or palate cleanser.

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Apple Fritters

These have been Pesach breakfast in our family for 50 years.

Almond and Honey Charoset

Our friends at Golden Blossom Honey are sharing some of their Pesach kitchen secrets. Try their Charoset.


Every family has their own recipe that they hold near and dear. We’ve managed to pry a few away!

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Chili Wine Chicken

Just in time for Purim, we’re bringing you the perfect chicken recipe for your holiday meal!

Salmon Patties

These patties are fabulous with a creamy dill sauce on the side.

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Sweet Cheese Pancakes

Not all latkes need to have potatoes!